Since 2012 I have been exploring obsolete technology such as videotape, audio cassette tape and super 8 films; as material and as film. There is something about their redundancy that interests me.

My work calls into question the use of obsolescence in a digital age. I like the mode of experiencing the past in the present. I am interested in the materiality of film, the physical tolerances of the material. I find the editing is so much more physical and tangible; it is in these moments that the unknowable or unpredictable imperfections can reveal itself.

Monochrome is my visual aesthetic revealing a truth or sincerity to material. Time itself feels very physical in my work; through the use of medium, the loss of a felt time, my investment of time in an openness to experience both success and failure and the way the work engages the viewer, slowing down the viewing experience. Viewers get caught in the grip of past, present and future time.